Nano Ace 2500

999,00 kr

The Nano Ace 2500 is the new ”replacement” for the very popular Nano Ace 2200. The NA2500 comes with an updated frame, a 7mm slim shaft and with a 76 grommet string pattern to allow it to better handle new thin strings and hybrids. The frame specifications remain the same as the NA2200, medium flexible shaft with a somewhat headlight balance on a widebody frame, to give you a distinct hit with a good kick from the shaft.

Item number B2104
Model Nano Ace 2500
Weight 3U & 4U
Flex Medium
Balance 2
Length 670
Grip G2
Colour Purple / green / yellow
Material Nano Carbon hybdrid
Technology Nano Carbon
Gti frameshape
Widebody frame
7mm slim shaft
Strung Tour 69 Nano  @22lbs

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Nano Ace 2500

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