Nano Core 5000

1.299,00 kr

Top level tournament squashmodel with FUKUDA Nano Core technology. Slightly head heavy balance with a traditional stringing in a Dropshape fram with an open T. Strung with white FUKUDA Scazon Ti

Tthe NanoCore 5000 moves into the topheavy segment of the NanoCore line. The model share the same constructional traits as the others with a NanoCarbon wrapped core, creating a stiff and stable frame transferring maximum amount of energy to the ball.


Item number SQ3004
Model Nano Core 5000
Weight 135 grams strung
Balance Headheavy
Stringpattern 14×19 Dropshape
Headsize 490 sq. cm
Material NanoCarbon hybrid
Technology NanoCore
Strung FUKUDA Scazon Ti (white)

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