Power Fusion 80

1.099,00 kr

Power Fusion 80 is a development of the Power Fusion 75, the 80 is a condensed down model focusing on the version of the 75 that was most popular, the 4U/G2. It has the same head heavy balance and frametype. The Power Fusion 80 has been fitted with a 7mm slim shaft to give it a bit faster recovery and kick. The shaft was also made a bit stiffer to keep the stability of the frame with the new shaft.

Item number B2031
Model Power Fusion 80
Weight 4U
Flex Medium / Stiff
Balance 3
Length 675
Grip G2
Colour Black / Bright green / blue
Material Kevlar 149 HMG Hybrid
Technology Widebody Gti Power Frame
74 grommet string pattern
7mm precision slim shaft
Strung Tour 69 Nano white @22lbs

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Power Fusion 80

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